Monday, April 21, 2014

Retro A to Z Challenge: R – Rush 2002 (and Lone Ranger Movie Review)

Rush – Vapor Trails 2002

This album marked the return of the band after a five-year hiatus. In 1997, drummer Neil Peart lost his daughter, and the following year, lost his wife. He took time off and travelled across North America on his motorcycle, which he chronicled in his book, Ghost Rider. The result was an incredible and deeply personal rock album.

2002 fun facts –
*Cost of a new house - $228,700.
*Cost of gas - $1.61
*The Mars Odyssey found signs of water on Mars
*Serena Williams won both Wimbledon and the US Open
*Kelly Clarkston won the first American Idol
*The Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah

Movies released –
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Blade II
The Ring
Reign of Fire
28 Days Later
Die Another Day

Music released –
Shadows Fall – The Art of Balance
U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Foo Fighters – One by One

Games released –
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Resident Evil

And why is 2002 special?
It’s the year Jen Chandler went to Ireland!

Jen is a writer, food enthusiast, and cat lover. Recently in college, she’s in the process of finding her way, and invites others to share her journey. She always has such a happy and joyful attitude. She’s had several blogs and been on hiatus, but her new home is The Cup and Page.

Just Released!

White Hellebore by Nicole Zoltack is available today!

Movie Review – The Lone Ranger

I find that most film critics are harsher than I am.
However, in the case of The Lone Ranger, they may have been too kind…

The movie has no identity. It’s a slapstick comedy one moment, fantasy the next, and then dark western next. None of the elements work well together.
I also didn’t buy into Depp’s Indian character. There are many fine Indian actors who could’ve played the role far better.
The worst part – the film is just DULL. And way too long.
The last twenty minutes are entertaining, but not enough to save this boring, odd, awful  film.
Don’t waste two hours and twenty minutes of your life on this film. Save yourself!

The Showdown!

Coming next Tuesday, the final installment of Lord of the Clones, a video masterpiece courtesy of Father Dragon Al. Three judges, including Jeff Hargett, will decide the winner. Lady Jezebel will be there serving punch. Who will win? Who will truly be Lord of the Clones…?

Did you know the story behind Vapor Trails or read Peart’s book? Following Jen’s new blog? Had the misfortune of watching The Lone Ranger? Think I can beat Baldernot and be Lord of the Clones? And what do you remember best about 2002…?


  1. I am going to have to track down Ghost Rider and Vapor Trails 2002. Thank you.
    Are you going to drink any of Lady Jezebel's delicious punch? I will certainly be on the sidelines watching the culmination of this epic battle (and toasting the victor in punch).

  2. I didn't remember anything about 2002 until I read that Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol. Hard to believe that was 12 years ago. I watched in stitches, and I'm pretty sure I'd called in my vote. Her competitor was a guy (Justin Whatever) with a pretty face. That's all. I don't think he even made an album after that, not a best selling one anyway.

    Cheers, Alex.

  3. It's devastating what Neil Peart went through. Looking forward to visiting Jen, and seeing your battle with Father Dragon, and our Hairless Hawaiian! Wishing you the best of luck, Sir Alex!


  4. Hi Alex - I didn't realise that about Peart .. I know you appreciate all Rush's records ... tennis - I do remember Serena Williams winning .. not much about the Salt Lake Winter Olympics ... and now I need to see next week's Lord of the Clones and meet up with Jezebel again .. well that will be some day ...

    Cheers Hilary

  5. Whatever happens with the clones battle you will always be our overlord, Capn Ninja! :-)

    2002?! Is that how far back the LOTR films started? Really!? Oh my stars! Time does fly when you are having fun! LOL!

    Big wave to Jen!!

    Take care

  6. Good year for movies! 28 days later was great, so was The Two Towers, Blade II and the others you chose on the list. Not one bad movie.

  7. As it happens, I saw the first 15 minutes and last 20 or so (just as the train scene starts) last and thought it looked good. But I guess it's because I had guests for the hour or so in between. :-D

    Thanks for the heads up on Jen's new blog. Heading over right now.

  8. I couldn't agree more with you about The Lone Ranger. It was so mediocre, I couldn't believe it was directed by Gore Verbinski. His films are always entertaining at least. And Johnny Depp gave yet another Jack Sparrow-ish performance. So sick of that.

  9. Is it wrong that I like The Lone Ranger?

  10. Definitely not going to see The Lone Ranger.

    Can't believe gas was so cheap in 2002. Seems like it's been between $2 & $3 forever.

  11. Watching The Two Towers right now, it's my favourite of the three. I've never seen The Lone Ranger, but I've seen plenty of bad reviews for it.

  12. I'd love to see the Emerald Isles. Congrats to Nicole.

  13. the lone ranger was a terrible movie....we saw it at the drive in theatre last summer...miserable...

    for some reason i never got into RUSH as college room mates loved them...and i just couldnt.

  14. Can't wait for the final Lord Of The Clones instalment...
    Off to check out Jen's new place----

  15. Looking forward to the final instalment of Lord of the Clones next week. Will head on over and meet Jen.

  16. Looking forward to the final instalment of Lord of the Clones next week. Will head on over and meet Jen.

  17. I did not know about Neil Peart of Rush. So tragic. Thanks for the heads up on the Lone Ranger, but I thought as much by the previews. Hope you had a Blessed Easter!

  18. Wow, the new home average skyrocketed then! Maybe the start of the housing bubble?

  19. It must have been awful for Neil to have lost his daughter and wife in such close succession.

    Thanks for the warning about The Lone Ranger, I may have been tempted for the sake of nostalgia. You're right, Alex, there are plenty of good Indian actors - too bad.

    I'm off to find Jen.

  20. 2002 was a really good year for movies and music, huh?

    Congrats to Nicole!

    "The Good, the Bald, and the Shorties" Hahahaha! Al's so silly. :)

  21. 28 Days Later - what a great movie! And I never did go see the Lone Ranger - thankfully, as I see from your review it was everything I thought it would be!

  22. Missed the Lone Ranger. Been tempted to watch now that it's on cable. Thanks for saving me from myself.

  23. wow to lose a daughter and a wife in one swoop is life changing to say the least. Music is good medicine, though.

    I've seen most of the movies you've listed, too.

    I want to at least visit Ireland. Those are my roots.

  24. I have to agree with you about The Lone Ranger.

    Congratulations Nicole!

  25. I started working at my current employer in 2002. My son likes some of the Lone Ranger Lego sets. I guess it's a good thing he doesn't like going to movies!

  26. Elephant, I learned not to touch her punch!

    Robyn, twelve years is a long time.

    Thank you, Kitty!

    Misha, be thankful...

    George, it just didn't know what it wanted to be.

    Fran, no - glad someone did!

    Brian, so sorry...

    Cathrina, I did!

    Rusty, just say no.

    Sandra, don't let him see it.

  27. ALEX!!! What a wonderful surprise this morning! Talk about a serendipitous return to blogging :) THANK YOU SO MUCH for the mention on your fantastic blog!

    Best of luck in the Lord of the Clones battle. I'm sure you'll come out on top :)

    You're awesome,

  28. Congrats to Nicole. Ireland is a wonderful place to visit. Loved it there. And I totally agree with you about The Lone Ranger.

  29. I am a big Kelly Clarkson fan - she's had a brilliant career so far!

  30. I am a big Kelly Clarkson fan - she's had a brilliant career so far!

  31. I am a big Kelly Clarkson fan - she's had a brilliant career so far!

  32. Lord of the Clones will be really good to see. I hope you win Captain Ninja.

    Didn't know about Peart but what tragedies.

    Only film I saw was LOT.

  33. I remember Kelly Clarkson winning American Idol. I can believe it was that long ago!

    And "28 Days Later" still totally scares me. Shudder.

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
    Minion, Capt. Alex's Ninja Minion Army
    The 2014 Blogging from A-Z Challenge

  34. I didn't know that about Pearl, so sad. Hard to believe it's been 12 years since Kelly Clarkston won. I was afraid they had shown the best parts of The Lone Ranger in the ads and there was nothing else worth seeing. Congrats to Nicole and a wave to Jen.

  35. Thanks for the Lone Ranger warning. We've not heard good reviews...but never know whether to trust the critics. We've hesitated in watching it, now we'll pass.

  36. I almost rented Lone Ranger because I often don't believe the critics but maybe, if I see it, it will be when nothing else is on TV and I am sick and need a good sleep. I did not know about Rush's drummer and that is so sad. 2002 was a reawakening of who I am and want to be. It was a transformation

  37. Will you be partaking of Jezebel's punch, Alex? ;) I know she's making a special blend for the judges...

    I'm glad I never got around to seeing Depp in the Lone Ranger movie. I'd hate to be disappointed in him.

  38. Not interested to see the Lone Ranger.
    So many years since the Lord of the Rings but for a dragon it is just a blink.
    I dont know if ninjas dance better but I am sure they will have a great number of supporters. Just remember not to abuse the clone machine.

  39. You are a wealth of information! I love that about these posts! :)

    Also, I heard that the new Lone Ranger Movie was bad. It should have been the Jack Sparrow dressed as Tonto movie...oh yeah, and there's the Lone Ranger too. Anything with Johnny Depp as "not the main character" should have been the warning that it's not going to be what you expect. He would overshadow even the greatest of actors, I'm guessing. Either way, thanks for your honest review!

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)
    My A to Z
    Caring for My Veteran

  40. Hey, Alex...

    Sorry the film was such a waste of time and MONEY... Noting worse than paying for a movie you didn't enjoy.

    2002... All I remember is WORKING ON MY HOUSE... I was doing a complete remodel of a 1950's boring ranch and turned it into an English cottage... Stone and all. LOL.

  41. And it is next Tuesday, Alex. 29 is Tuesday! Don't rob the Special Effects Department of an additional day. They need every second of it.

  42. I couldn't agree more with the Lone Ranger! My son was born in 2002, so that made it a great year!

  43. Hi Alex! Thanks for the review of Lone Ranger. I've heard 50/50 good/bad and have been on the fence about seeing it. Your taste in movies seems to reflect mine, though--so I'll skip this one!!

  44. My gosh - I had no idea Peart had lost his daughter and his wife. How horrible. I can imagine it's a very emotive album for that reason (no, I haven't heard it. for shame!)

  45. Vapor Trails was an amazing return to form after a few 'softer' albums. It was good to have the guys back.

    My A to Z Challenge

  46. Jen, you are welcome! And perfect timing. Now others can find your new blog.

    Kyra, she's had a lot of success.

    Birgit, that would be the best time to watch it.

    River, no!

    Al, I did that once and nearly drowned in Kate Beckinsales... And I will fix the date!

    Lady Jai, just avoid it.

    Michael, that's cool.

  47. Did someone say Morrowind? Man, my inner nerd just tingled. I'm pretty sure that's how I spent half of my 2002. Well, that and graduating high school, but that was considerably less important to slaying orcs on my computer.

    (I went to college for IT immediately after. I know, live the stereotype, right?)

  48. I've always been a big Rush fan. I listen to that album when I go running.

  49. Ug. The Lone Ranger -- your's is the best & most accurate review I've read. What a waste of a movie.

    A trip to Ireland is great thing to commemorate!

    I'm so surprise Rush is your R...not.

  50. Hey Alex, thanks for the mention on Liz's blog. And thanks for the shout out about Jen's new blog - didn't know what happened to her. 2002? I was struggling with being back in college and unexpectedly having to care for my elderly dad. It was a tough year.

  51. I almost choked from laughing at your comment "nearly drowned in Kate Beckinsales." In my visual, you weren't making any effort to get out from under the avalanche...just saying...

  52. Good golly. Did I just read Bryan graduated high school in 2002? I had all three of my kids by then and he was just graduating?? Wow. Now I feel like a golden oldie. Thanks, Bryan.

    28 Days Later rocked! I love that movie. I just watched it a couple of weeks ago followed by 28 Weeks Later. Great flicks.

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time with The Lone Ranger. Thanks for the warning!

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  53. Now I am definitely passing on The Lone Ranger. Thanks!

    Also now following Jen's blog.

    2002... the year I met my now ex-husband. Boy, I would love to time travel and get a do-over on that day!

  54. Has it really been that long since The Two Towers came out?

    I can't wait to see the Lord of the Clones showdown.

  55. Thanks for the warning about The Lone Ranger. Was looking forward to the DVD release, and now I can cross one more thing off my list, which is good. I like crossing things off...

    2002. I had major foot surgery, had a two year old who would run away from me while I tried to corral him while on times. NOT. That was a long recovery, and at such a busy time, mom wise. The Transporter was 4 but would gladly go grab OYT and bring him for his diaper change. He was faster than me of course, and is still faster than his brother...
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

  56. I'm not sure what Depp has been thinking lately with the movies he's choosing.

    Wow, I can't believe gas was so cheap in 2002. It's more than double that price now.

  57. Yes, I love Rush, and believed that I could not miss your "R"!

  58. Of course, your R would have to be Rush. :-) Grief visits us all and is ever an unwanted guest.

    THE LONE RANGER was a huge disappointment to me, too. The actors chosen were all wrong. The script was all over the place. To have a supernatural Western, you have to play it seriously or go full to the hilt with tongue-in-cheek humor -- sigh.

  59. Fortunately I did not see The Lone Ranger. :)
    My second grandson was born in 2002, a great day.
    Have a super week.

  60. Too late and I agree, too long--the Lone Ranger. It was so predictable. 2002 was the year my 14-yr-old son was two. Enough said;-D

  61. I was really looking forward to The Lone Ranger. I think it was due for a great remake. Too bad they messed it up.
    Looking forward the final battle of Father Dragon's. Good luck.

  62. They messed the lone ranger up bad, just from the trailer I got turned off, glad I didn't waste my life with it haha

  63. Brandon and Bryan, slaying orcs ranks much higher.

    Nicki, waste of a movie is kind way to say it.

    Karen, you're welcome!

    River, well, if I had to be buried...

    Elsie, makes me feel old. I could be his father.

    I'm sorry, Robin.

    Tina, I can just picture that...

    Roland, exactly.

  64. The Lone Ranger definitely struggled with its identity, but I found the bizarre mish-mash of drama, comedy, and horror to be enjoyable. Tonto's scenes with Silver are priceless.

  65. The Lone Ranger seemed just awful, from your review I'm sure I wouldn't even make it through the whole movie.

    Can't wait for the final installment at Father Dragon's. :D

  66. I never saw the original but I was definitely NOT a fan of the Lone Ranger movie. Although I normally am a Johnny Depp fan, that movie was all kinds of wrong.

  67. Neil Peart went through a lot and it's great that he came out on top in the end. I have yet to see Lone Ranger, but I doubt I'll enjoy it.

  68. What an awful thing for Peart to go through!

    We were in Utah for the 2002 Olympics and it was an exciting time! We were able to witness the carrying of the torch (part of the Opening Ceremonies).

    My first son was born in 2002...great year!

    Good luck with the showdown!

  69. Definitely not going to see The Lone Ranger. Can you believe it, I don't remember much about 2002 :(

  70. Oh, LOTR, still one of my faves!

    Even though I think Johnny Depp is an incredible actor, I didn't like The Lone Ranger too :(

  71. I didn't know all that about the Rush drummer. Lone Ranger wasn't on my list before your review, now there's no chance I will see it. Sorry so late to visit. Went away for the weekend without internet (now to catch up!)

  72. Nice of you to promote Jen. I just visited her blog. Not a fan of Serena's, but I am a fan of the 2002 gas price!!! Thanks for all the info!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  73. Ooooh the Lord of the Clones!!! I'll get my popcorn ready for tomorrow. Not for the Lone Ranger though...I wasn't interested to begin with, but glad to read your warning in case I wanted to change my mind.

  74. A lot of great movies came out in 2002, but my favorite from the ones you listed is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It's also my favorite one for the trilogy. :)

  75. What an impressive blog. So, is the book GHOST RIDER good? Do you recommend it? I'm off now to see The Cup and Page. Thanks for referring it.

  76. Faith, that made me chuckle.

    Kristin, that's cool!

    Rhonda, no worries.

  77. Thanks for highlighting Jen; I don't know her. I am going to go and check her out!

    And I have to agree on The Lone Ranger, it was a huge MISS in my book. I don't think anyone in my family that watched it, liked it.

  78. 2002 had some good movies. I always say I don't go to many but I seem to have seen quite a few of these.

    How sad for Neil Peart. That must have been a most terrible time in his life. I shall have to listen to the band before I give my views...

    Just a quickie. As at the end of the month, I am purchasing the first of your books. After that, I'll get the whole set. This is not just to support someone whom I hope I can call 'friend' but also because they sound like more awesome than awesomeness... :) Thank you, as always.

  79. I definitely won't watch The Lone Ranger!

    Peart sure had a rough year in 1997. I haven't read his book, but I may put it one my list.

  80. I can't wait for this epic finale! Father Dragon really outdid himself on that. Got to love Rush, too. :)

  81. Yeah, The Lone Ranger was a snooze fest, I thought.

  82. Love the title "Vapor Trails." The band has/had a unique sound.

    Tagged along (with Deb) today at Jen's blog. I'll be back soon and often.

    2002: A palindrome year...don't recall if I moved forward or backwards that year...but I survived.

  83. Thanks for saving us from watching The Lone Ranger!! Cheers!

  84. I read Ghost Rider and thought it was excellent. My husband gave it to me as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Did you read it? If not, I do recommend it.

  85. I graduated university in 2002 and was one of the co-founders and charter members of UMass Student Alliance for Israel, our gift to the younger students. That was a really scary time on all five area schools (UMass, Amherst College, Hampshire College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College), at the height of the Second Intifada, with so much anti-Semitic, anti-Israel graffiti and defacement of our flyers. I was part of a group that reported some of this to the campus police as hate crimes one night.

  86. Awww, I like the Lone Ranger. The slapstick parts really struck me, like the girly scream with the arrow in the shoulder. Then again, I didn't spend my time sitting through it. I was also placating my newborn and playing horsey for my 3-year-old to the action parts of the soundtrack.

  87. The Ring was one a scary freaky horror movie. Naomi Watts won best actress at the Saturn awards.

  88. Seems like all of 2002 just happened. Haven't seen The Lone Ranger and may save my $20 now that I've read your review.

  89. I'm a lot sick of Depp so I wouldn't bother with this movie. Once he hacked up Mr. Wonka, I was pretty much done with Depp/Burton.

    Did join The Cup & Page. Neat title and anyone that likes to drive to the craft store is okay in my book.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  90. Now I want to read Peart's book. To lose his daughter and then just thinking about it.

    Funny to think Idol has been on that long. I watched those first few seasons, but not so much these days.

  91. We all sat down as a family and watched The Two Towers (again) on DVD last night. Can't believe it's been that long since it first came out.

    The only memorable thing about 2002 for me was desperately hoping the world would regain some sanity after the terrible events of 9/11 the year before.

  92. I want to go to Ireland so bad...but have no desire to see The Lone Ranger. Ever.

  93. Thanks for warning me about the Lone Ranger. Depp is not one of my favorites anyway.

  94. I am not the BIGGEST Johnny Depp fan on the planet...but I have not seen Like Water for Chocolate. All the people that love Johnny Depp really LOVE that. Maybe I am being stubborn! He was good in Benny and Joon and great in Gilbert Grape.
    I would very much like to read Ghost Rider, now. thanks--jean

  95. Debi, it was good, and bittersweet. A personal journey rather than a spiritual one though.

    Fe, thank you!! I really appreciate that.

    Charles, I think my wife did fall asleep...

    Suze, I read it shortly after it came out.

    Carrie-Anne, that is scary.

    Loni, wise to have distractions.

    Jay, I rarely watch the show anymore.

  96. 2002 was an eventful year for me. It was the year I completed my first novel--not not novella--and began querying it. That seems like forever ago.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  97. Peart is an interesting man. His lyrics have a lot of meaning and reflect a thinker and a keen observer of life. I liked Different strings for that reason and Limelight. Love Losing it--"some are born to move the world and live there fantasies...most of just dream about the things we'd like to be..." I haven't read his book, but I have listened to his music.

    No desire to watch Lone Ranger--they could have made it a fabulous movie, the material was certainly there, but...

    Congrats Nicole!

    Have a great week, Alex.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  98. I want to save myself from The Lone Ranger, but I grew up watching the show and it's one of those I'm going to have to watch for myself. I mean, it can't actually be worse than After Earth, right?

  99. Man, 2002 was a great year for movies!

    And i'd heard nothing but bad things about the Lone Ranger

  100. Apparently they cut a whole werewolf subplot from Lone Ranger. Could have been even worse.

    Moody Writing

  101. A lot of movies were released in 2002. Another lone ranger movie? From your review, it seems they could have saved the time and money.

  102. The only interesting part of Lone Ranger was Silver, the white horse. Sadly, the movie was not about him.

    2002--son graduated from UCSD and we went on doing what we had done in years before. Teach and work.

    The only movie I didn't watch was 28 Day Later.

  103. Crystal, that does seem like forever ago.

    Sia, that is one of the many things I've always like about Rush and Peart's lyrics - they do make you think.

    Andrew, haven't seen After Earth. Was that one boring as well?

    Moody, Dear Lord! That would've been awful. Cannibal rabbits was enough.

    Susan, that observation made me laugh!

  104. It's always amazing when the greatest pain yields the greatest art- I never knew that about Peart.

    And once again I aim introduced to a new, amazing blogger. I will certainly check Jen out.

    Big congrats to Nicole on the release of White Hellebore!

  105. Talk about a good year for movies- I must have spent a lot time at the theater that year.

  106. The Ghost Rider book sounds like it would an amazing read. I couldn't even imagine that kind of loss.

    Can't wait to see Al's next installment.

  107. So glad that you featured Jen today. She's one of my favorite bloggers and we've had a great relationship over the years. I refound her at her new blog last week. Go, Jen!
    Play off the Page

  108. 2002 is one of of those hazy years for me. Many big decisions were being made.
    Happy trails to you. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  109. Both my husband and I were glad we saw this version of the Lone Ranger at the "dollar" theater. We were so glad we hadn't paid full price for it! Thanks for the link to Jen's site. Going to check it out now... I own all of the LOTR DVD's extended versions as well as theatrical release versions. Looking forward to the next Hobbit movie...

  110. I just can't believe the LOTR films came out that long ago. I feel old.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Lone Ranger - I'll avoid it!!

  111. I passed on the Lone Ranger. Saw Heaven Is Real last night. Now that is a great movie!

  112. I'm with you on the Johnny Depp thing. It was Cap'n Jack with different makeup.

  113. Brandon, it was powerful.

    Mary, awesome!

    Lisa, I think many of us own all those versions!

    Stephen, good to know!

  114. Haven't seen The Lone Ranger but will be sure and steer clear. Thanks for the tip. Happy Monday!

  115. I haven't seen The Lone Ranger, nor do I plan to see it. As for 2002, I spent a lot of that year cruising around in my car with friends. Good times.

  116. 2002 was a disappointing year for movies ;)

  117. ALEX!!
    Sorry I'm so late. I didn't mean to fall so far behind my favorite blogs.

    We saw a TV special about RUSH and Mr. Peart's heart breaking journey through his losses and then learning to embrace his drumming again. Amazing band.

    I didn't watch The Lone Ranger. I'm sorry you lost those 2 hours! :)


  118. Heather! No worries. And I want my two hours...

  119. So twelve years ago, Spider-Man came out, and now this year, the second film in the reboot is coming out. It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago!

    I can't believe I once said I thought the Lone Ranger might be good. What was I thinking?

  120. I have no plans on watching the Lone Ranger movie. I did finally watch Gravity and it was very good. Have a great week, Alex! :)

  121. Alex please don't get me started on
    The Lone Ranger that movie was so
    strange. This could have been so
    much better. I think they were sloppy
    with it just my opinion. Depp was too
    out of character on this one to make
    it work.

  122. I didn't enjoy the Lone Ranger much either. And I usually adore everything Johnny Depp is in. I would have much rather have had a Native American actor than him.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  123. 2002 was a year for amazing movies. Two Towers is my favorite of the trilogy and Reign of Fire is also one of my ultimate favorites. 2002 is special for me because it's the year I got together with my boyfriend. We've been together ever since. A fine year, indeed.

  124. Hey Alex,

    That album by Rush was such a deeply personal, emotive album, for sure.

    Nice shout out to Jen.And to Nicole.

    The Lone Ranger. Nuff said.

    Now for that Showdown.


  125. We must be sharing the same brain when it comes to The Lone Ranger. The movie I -wanted- to love so badly, but wound up hating for all the reasons you mentioned.

    Just one big..."Ugh!" :)

  126. The Lone Ranger trailers don't entice me at all. Good luck to Nicole with her book! :)

  127. It had to be Rush for the letter R, and I was right! Ghost Rider sounds like a fascinating read.
    I saw The Lone Ranger on a plane. It was so weird; I kept thinking I didn't know what was going on because I'd jumped into the story too late. An hour or so later I realized I was wrong--the story was just a mess ... so I took a nap instead. :)
    Kirsten @ A Scenic Route

  128. I remember being disappointed when I read the reviews for The Lone Ranger. I loved that TV show when I was a kid.

  129. Nice trip down memory lane with the prices of things from years ago. Hubs and I paid $700 for our first block of land. Beat that!

    I'm going to find Jen Chandler now!

  130. JE, time passes...

    Trudessa, sloppy is a kind word.

    Mark, you said it!

    Kirsten, smart move!

    Patricia, the television show was great.

    Denise, I can't!

  131. I never saw Lone Ranger. I didn't like the previews. I can't believe it was dull. That's sad.

  132. I've not heard Vapor Trails or read his book but they must be heartfelt works.

    Lord of the Clones sounds great! and congrats to Nicole!

  133. I couldn't even make it through the preview of Lone Ranger. Seriously? What were they thinking? I have Ireland envy. Lucky Jen. And that speech Sam makes at the end of Two Towers about their still being good in this world. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

  134. Like you say, Alex, critics can be too harsh; but if you dump on The Lone Ranger too, then it must truly stink. And seriously, in this day and age Hollywood used a white man to play a Native American? And Depp agreed to the role?

    What is also inconceivable is that this movie cost more than $200 million to make. It they didn't even have a good script, which film it at all and waste so much money?

  135. I'm so late getting here that it's already tomorrow. Oh well, I still had fun, I still learned things, and I'm now looking forward to the next installment with Baldernot.

    Good things happening here!

  136. Congrats to Nicole.

    I can't wait for the next installment of Lord of the Clones.

  137. Too bad about The Lone Ranger. The concept had a lot of great possibilities, but they apparently overreached and were trying too hard to have a blockbuster when they could have had a solid story as the start of a franchise that might have turned into a good series of films. Typical Hollywood.

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  138. Thank you for mentioning WHITE HELLEBORE!

    2002 - That fall I started college and met the man I would marry. Definitely a good year!

  139. I still think Kelly Clarkson is the most successful winner to date. What a voice. And she seems honest to her craft, not opting for an image she can't hold up.

  140. 2002 Another great year but most of it I can't remember. That is the year I worked 7 days a week 8-10 hrs a day for eight months straight without a day off because the boss wouldn't hire anyone else. That year is still a blur. Great post!

  141. I'm looking forward to the final installment! ;D

    Peart has a book?! Where have I been? Thanks Captain

  142. Yikes! Glad I didn't the Lone Ranger. When I was younger, my dad and I used to play a "Guess the band" game whenever a classic rock song came on the radio - Rush was my fave band to guess. :)


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